Following last night’s 107-104 home victory vs. the Sacramento Kings, Myles Turner & Buddy Hield were both asked about what areas Aaron Nesmith has grown the most in (17 points/6 rebounds/3 assists/1 steal/1 block/6-13 FG/4-7 3-PT/1-2 FT).

(via Indiana Pacers):

Turner: “Confidence, man, absolutely. Aaron’s just knocking down shot after shot, he goes out there and guards the other team’s biggest matchup every single night, brings a dog mentality. That’s what Indiana basketball is about. I think he just really encompasses what it means to be a Pacer. We love him here and we’re glad he’s on our side. For us to get to where we need to be, he’s gotta continue to play like this. We’re in his ear all the time about just playing with that supreme confidence, and he’s bringing it.”

Hield: “Like Myles said, supreme confidence, he’s doing a good job just locking in. We just gotta keep on encouraging him because he’s guarding the best matchup every night. He’s guarding the LeBrons, he’s guarding the Kyries, he’s guarding the KDs, and making shots. That’s pretty hard to do, running down and sprinting the way we play. Hats off to him, man, he brings that dog mindset to our team that we need.”