Jalen Brunson’s journey in the NBA has been one of continuous growth and evolution. In his sixth NBA season and his first with the New York Knicks, the 27-year-old point guard reached new heights.

During the previous season, Brunson achieved career-high statistics, averaging 24 points, 3.5 rebounds, and 6.2 assists in 35 minutes per game.

His impact on the Knicks’ performance was undeniable, establishing him as a key player in the league. Brunson was also the starting point guard for Team USA at this year’s FIBA World Cup.

Jamahl Mosley, the former player and current head coach of the Orlando Magic, had the privilege of working closely with Brunson during their time together with the Dallas Mavericks.

Mosley recognized Brunson’s potential early on, having witnessed his dedication and professionalism. “There’s a professionalism he’s had for so long in the way he pushes his teammates, pushes himself, and the way that he works,” he told HoopsHype.

“He wants to be the first in the gym, and he wants to be the last out. He has a special ability and passion for playing and competing that I think people don’t appreciate because he comes off like a true professional, but there’s a killer walking in there.”