Photo: Peter Baba

The NBA offseason has been ablaze with Damian Lillard’s trade request from the Portland Trail Blazers, a move that has sent shockwaves across the league.

Despite Lillard’s clear preference for joining the Heat, trade negotiations between Portland and Miami have hit a standstill, leaving the door open for other teams to explore the possibility of acquiring the 33-year-old superstar.

One of those teams showing keen interest in Lillard’s services is the Toronto Raptors. While Lillard’s desire to join the Heat is widely known, reports suggest that multiple Eastern Conference teams, including the Raptors, have made inquiries about a potential trade.

On the Locked On NBA podcast, Matt Moore shed light on the situation, stating, “That’s the thing nobody is really saying, but everyone around the league knows the Raptors were amongst the teams. They’ve kicked the tires.”