Photo: The Sacramento Bee

Top recruits Markieff & Marcus Morris had quite an interesting way to decide on picking their college team back in 2008.

(via All The Smoke):

Stephen Jackson: “How did Kansas become y’all choice for school?”

Markieff: “Originally, we was committed to Memphis throughout the whole year. This is when John Calipari was there. He was the hottest coach in college basketball. Kentucky had just opened up, so we knew he was gonna get the gig there. Our high school coach at the time was doing all the research for us. We knew he was gonna get the gig. And then, we opened our recruitment back up, kept Kansas and Memphis. They played in the national championship against each other. We at grandma’s house watching the game, only between me and him, because I wanted to go to Memphis bad. Like I was all John Calipari. Derek Kellogg was the assistant coach at the time. So it was more so me.”

Marcus “Yeah. I wanted to go to Kansas.”

Markieff: “He wanted to go to Kansas. Locked in at grandma crib. Basically, whoever won the national championship game, that’s what school we were going to.”

Matt Barnes: “So that’s how y’all decided? Whatever team won?”

Marcus: “Which ever team won. Yup.”

Matt Barnes: “And Kansas beat them. Was that Chris Douglas-Roberts and D-Rose on that team? And Rio [Chalmers]?”

Marcus: “Yeah it was bull. It was a crazy game.”

Matt Barnes: “Yeah. I remember that.”

Marcus: “It could’ve went a different direction, we really would have went to Memphis.”

Matt Barnes: “So y’all said before the game or during the game?”

Marcus: “We shook on it. Whoever win the national championship, that’s the school we going to.”

Matt Barnes: “That’s crazy as f***. That’s dope.”

Markieff: “And only me and him knew, we were the only two talking about it, because I was locked in on Memphis. That was my school. We was gonna go there. That was the one.”