Markieff Morris, the veteran power forward who was at the center of a heated altercation with Nikola Jokic during a game in November 2021, recently spoke about the incident on the All The Smoke podcast. Morris had been fined $50,000 for instigating the altercation by hitting Jokic.

During the podcast, Morris revisited the incident when he was with the Miami Heat and had a hard take foul on Jokic. In response, the Serbian superstar shoved Morris from behind, resulting in a neck injury and whiplash diagnosis for Morris.

Markieff didn’t mince words, describing Jokic’s action as a “sucker shot.” He went on to explain, per Joey Linn of Sports Illustrated, “That’s what we call it in my hood… Took a sucker shot. They call it snuck. He snuck me. It was a sucker shot. He’s gonna get his, though. Don’t trip.”

Marcus Morris revealed that he felt the need to defend his brother during games against the Nuggets. “The crazy part was when we played them [the Nuggets], they were on me, like they knew I was going to do something… So I was like if I cannot take him [Jokic], I’m gonna take one of his teammates… Austin Rivers… I had to do something,” he said, per Mike Murillo of SportsKeeda.