Photo: Eyewitness News /Twitter

On Tuesday, Kevin Porter Jr., a member of the Houston Rockets basketball team, formally declared his innocence in response to charges of assaulting his girlfriend, which arose from his arrest in Manhattan the previous day.

Porter was able to secure his release from custody by posting a $75,000 cash bail, and a judge issued a temporary order of protection in the case. The 23-year-old Porter is currently facing serious charges of felony assault and strangulation.

According to the official criminal complaint, Porter’s girlfriend, Kysre Gondrezick, a 26-year-old former WNBA player, informed the police that he repeatedly struck her in the face with a closed fist during the incident at the Millennium Hilton. This resulted in a cut above her right eye, facial bruising, and significant pain.

The complaint further detailed that Gondrezick reported that Porter applied force to her neck, causing her difficulty in breathing, as well as redness, bruising, and substantial pain.

According to prosecutors, Porter’s assault only ceased when Gondrezick managed to escape to the hallway, covered in blood. She was subsequently transported to NYU Langone Medical Center, where doctors diagnosed her with a fractured neck vertebra, as outlined in the criminal complaint.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver talked about allegations that Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr. attacked girlfriend Kysre Gondrezick: “The allegations here are horrific, no question about it, but I don’t know anything more about the actual facts other than reading those allegations.”