Photo: SHOWTIME Basketball/YouTube screenshot

In a recent tweet, NBA icon Kevin Garnett drew attention to the elite class of basketball players known as “killers.” Garnett’s tweet listed the prominent members of this exclusive club: MJ (Michael Jordan), Kobe (Kobe Bryant), Steph (Stephen Curry), and AI (Allen Iverson).

“You got point guards, shooting guards and guards that are just killers… MJ, Kob, Steph, AI…. who else?” the 2008 NBA champion asked rhetorically on X.

The term “killers” in basketball typically refers to players with an unrelenting competitive spirit, an uncanny ability to dominate in clutch moments, and an unmatched work ethic.

The exclusivity of this club highlights the extraordinary talents and legacies of those mentioned by Garnett. “This club is limited,” KG tweeted, adding “KILLERS ONLY.”