Photo: New Orleans Pelicans/Twitter

Zion Williamson’s journey in the NBA has been marked by his undeniable talent and potential, as well as the frustrating hurdle of injuries. Despite his physical prowess, the former No. 1 pick has faced recurring setbacks that have sidelined him from the game.

Former NBA star Kevin Garnett has a unique perspective on Williamson’s challenges. Garnett recently shared his thoughts, suggesting that it’s not the physicality of the game that’s the issue for Zion, but rather the mental aspect.

He recounted an incident where Williamson, despite being sidelined due to a hamstring injury, executed a demanding dunk effortlessly during warm-ups.

“I don’t think it’s about physicality, I think it’s between his ears,” Garnett said on Ticket and The Truth. “You go out to do a 360 between the legs and then go walk back into the locker room. That blew everybody. You said it was a hamstring issue and he’d go up windmill that motherf*cker like damn, you’re good enough to play something or give something.

“And then he came out, was like yo he don’t feel like he’s Zion. That was more mental to me or at least the mental flags went up.”