Photo: Euroleague Basketball

After beating Barcelona for the third place game at the EuroLeague’s Final Four by 12 points (78-66), Monaco’s coach Saša Obtradović was more than pleased with his club success.

“It is really special feeling after all this. We were the underdogs all this time, not just at the Final Four. During the regular season, during the Playoffs and now here, but we made an enormous success finishing the EuroLeague’s season as the third team. I think we definitely deserved this. During the whole season we played good. Everyone has ups and downs, but we were fighting constantly. And this last match was like a present for this amazing season.”

Monaco started playing in the EuroCup in 2018, win that tournament in 2021 and two years after winning EuroCup is the third team in the best European club’s Championship. Coach Obradović still didn’t realized what he did with Monaco.

“After Maccabi I am still little shaken, still not aware of what is happening to me, to us. Big success, first of all for the club and than for me. This Final tournament showed that I worthily represented the club and my country. This happened unexpectedly for all of us and I think because of that we had that black-out in the third quarter against Olympiacos. It was normal reaction because this is our first time at the event like”, said Saša Obradović, who obviously enjoyed this tournament. Everyone who payed attention could see that coach was almost always smiling.

“I really enjoyed here and it was visible. I was acting differently than I was doing normally. But those things that happened are good for the club and, honestly, for my career also. I am still growing up as a coach.”