The Boston Celtics pulverized the Charlotte Hornets in their preseason opener within TD Garden on Monday, and Joe Mazzulla was all smiles on the first unofficial win of his head coaching career in an interim position.

The Celtics edged the Hornets in a wire-to-wire contest, 134-93. Through 84 collective shots, the club sank 57.1 percent of it efficiently. As such, Mazzulla directs the limelight to the great performance of his players.

“It felt like I was coaching a great team,” Mazzulla said. “We have a bunch of guys that have the ability to make shots and we really play well together.”

More than anything, the young mentor is nothing but thankful of inheriting a title-contending Boston squad.

“It’s a great reward,” Mazzulla said of this opportunity. “I’m grateful because it’s the Celtics, I’m grateful because I get to coach a bunch of great guys and great players, and so few people in my position get opportunities. So I’m just really grateful.