Photo: Barça Basket/X

In the upcoming Supercopa Endesa 2023 semifinal match against Real Madrid, FC Barcelona will feature their recent addition, Jabari Parker, who is set to make his debut for the Catalan team in an official game.

Parker had previously played in the Catalan League just a few days ago. Tomas Satoransky, in a pre-match interview with the media, shared his thoughts on the newcomer’s readiness and status as a teammate.

“I know both him and Willy after having played with them respectively in the NBA and in Sevilla,” Satoransky said. “I think they have caught the rhythm and they’re getting better day by day.

“Jabari’s situation is a little more complicated because it is his first year in Europe and this is always difficult, especially if you come in a league as competitive as the ACB. But I see him very well and he really wants to improve.”