Photo: Brooklyn Nets/Twitter

John H. Guyer alum Jalen Wilson (Brooklyn Nets) recently hosted his first youth basketball camp in Denton, Texas, which turned out to be a huge success.

Here’s some inspiring quotes from Wilson’s biggest supporters during the camp including Ray Braswell principal DeCorian Hailey, NBA player RJ Hampton, his mom Lisa, brother Jevin, and Guyer head coach Grant Long.

(via Brooklyn Nets):

DeCorian Hailey: “Now he’s at a point where he can give back and make an impact; and just to help do that excites me and coincides with the Why that I have about commitment with our community and our kids.”

RJ Hampton: “It’s special that we’ve both gotten this far and that he’s able to give back to the community. I’m just a vessel. I’m here to help and have fun.”

Lisa Wilson: “I think when you stay humble and you remember that it could be gone tomorrow; that just kinda creates a person like Jalen.”

Jevin Wilson: “You would dream to have a brother like him. It’s just amazing to watch him be who he is.”

Grant Long: “Wherever Jalen is, he dives into that. He lives in that moment there and gives everything of himself; and that is the success he’s had.”