Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Olympiacos guard Kostas Sloukas after beating Monaco in the semi-finals of the EuroLeague’s Final 4 with a score 76-62, was briefly talking about the match.

“I don’t care how it look from the outside, I don’t care if we didn’t play as it was expected, the main thing is the final score. We won the game, now it is time to celebrate and wait for the Finals. Wait for the next 40 minutes where we need to be focused and prepared in order to fulfill our goal.”

In the first half, Greek reds were confused and made a lot of mistakes, a lot of turnovers that put Monaco in the lading position, but amazing third half (27-2 for Olympiacos) showed there is no joke with Olympiacos. You can’t put your guard down.

Jordan Loyd from Monaco thinks that his team needs to learn from their mistakes and come back stronger than in the match against Olympiacos.

“We started the match very well, didn’t allow opponent to score easy points and used that they head weren’t in it. Olympiacos made a lot of turnovers, so we we used that and finish first half by leading. Oh, but second half, especially third quarter was a completely different story. They destroyed us, allowed us only 2 points in the third. We couldn’t return it in the game”, said Loyd after they lost semi-final game against Olympiacos.

“We need to learn from our mistakes, to get back stronger as the team and not to allow opponent what we allowed Olympiacos. We will watch this game, see mistakes and hopefully return much better on Sunday”, finished Jordan, who will with his Monaco face the team that losses in the second semi-final (Barcelona or Real).