Sasa Obradovic Monaco
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Saša Obradović is enjoying in Kaunas where his Monaco will face Olympiacos in the first semi-final game at the EuroLeague’s Final Four.

As the member of the Serbian coaching school, Saša Obradović made his debut at F4 in Kaunas. He agreed that hard work makes results.

“I am proud to represent Serbian coaching school here. When you see the list of the names who won EuroLeague and who were also participants at F4, shows that I am on the good track, that I work good and that hard work pays off. It is important to have quality, but more important is to be in the right place at the right moment. Monaco provide me that chance and it is good that I grabbed it. Also, I am glad they have trusted me because now-days everyone doesn’t give you that much chances as before. Victories are the one that are providing you to stand a chance and gives you hope to provide the excellent atmosphere in the whole system. Every week your job is on the tin ice but it is good that I have gained their trust”.

I lot of people that were following basketball didn’t expect Monaco to see in the Final 4, but coach Obradović didn’t doubt that his team can reach it.

“I don’t know why people doubt in us, I don’t, but I hope now they will give us more credit. Also, I have always trusted myself”.

As it was mentioned before, Monaco will face Olympiacos in the semi-final and coach Obradović mentioned that his team will definitely try to prevail.

“They are favorite and pressure is on them, but we also has the obligation and will to reach the Finals. It is important for us to play our game and don’t think much about who is entering the court as our opponent”.