Photo: Peter Baba

The anticipation of the new NBA season is in the air, and with it comes heightened activity in the Damian Lillard trade saga.

The Trail Blazers are reportedly intensifying their efforts to accommodate Lillard’s desire to be traded to the Miami Heat.

NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski shed light on the recent developments, stating that Portland has significantly increased their engagement with various teams over the past 10 to 14 days. This marks a notable shift in their approach, as prior to this period, trade discussions had somewhat stagnated.

The impending start of training camp and the approaching season have injected a sense of urgency into the trade negotiations. The Trail Blazers are actively exploring multi-team trade scenarios aimed at securing assets that align with their goals, including valuable draft picks and promising young players.

Wojnarowski pointed out the intricate nature of these multi-team trade discussions, where one team’s surplus might not align with Portland’s needs, but a third team could facilitate the exchange by offering a suitable veteran player or additional assets.