As the basketball world focuses on the FIBA World Cup and the talent on display, one player has been making a significant impression—Minnesota Timberwolves’ rising star, Anthony Edwards. His performances for Team USA have garnered praise from none other than NBA veteran Paul George.

Edwards, just 22 years old and completing his third NBA season, joined Team USA for the FIBA World Cup, where he quickly established himself as one of the team’s standout talents.

Paul George, speaking on his podcast, expressed his admiration for the young shooting guard, recognizing Edwards’ incredible potential from an early stage. He recounted a particular FIBA World Cup preparation game against Germany where Edwards carried Team USA to a thrilling comeback victory.

“It’s pretty special with who he’s becoming,” George said about Edwards on his podcast. “To be ready at that age at this stage. You put him amongst the young stars he’s gonna be competing with for the next 10-15 years and now he’s becoming the Alpha of them.

“That’s why I was a big fan of him because I saw the star potential in him, I saw the star, the superstar on and off the court. That Germany game was special. He basically put USA on his back. To be able to do that at that age is tough, bro. The international game is not easy.”

However, what may have truly endeared Edwards to fans and peers alike is his confidence. When Team USA’s head coach, Steve Kerr, discussed the possibility of Edwards coming off the bench, the young star made a bold declaration. Edwards firmly stated that there was no Kobe Bryant on the team—an assertion that drew George’s admiration.

“I love that quote…,” George said. “And he’s smooth. He knows how to use that athleticism the right way. That’s what I love about him. And it’s like a finesse ‘I don’t have to punch on you. Imma just go around you with this Euro [step].’ And then you forget he can go upstairs with you too. That’s what’s scary. That’s a special kid, man. He’s the future.”